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The Kind Organizer team helps homeowners get their homes into shape before professional photographers come in for listing photos. Preparing your home for sale often has a LONG checklist; work, kids, busy life… we all need extra hours/hands. We help homeowners get their homes into shape before listing photos take place.


When seniors sell their family homes, preparing them for sale brings in different challenges. Sorting through decades of sentimental and everyday items can be daunting. We act as a neutral, yet compassionate, third party and help families navigate the entire process.

Estate Dispersal

After the passing of a loved one, we help with your loved one’s household belongings. A death in the family is never easy, and it introduces a whole new set of responsibilities; we become your project managers and take care of everything according to your wishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does this service cost?

It’s highly dependent on the amount of things in the home, what the family wishes to do with remaining items (estate sale, garage sales, donations, discards, junk haul).
We charge hourly rates per staff member.
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Can the family help to keep costs down?

Absolutely! We will even help coordinate schedules, tasks and deadlines that need to be met. We always have a back up plan if friends and family are not able to help as initially planned.
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What if we want to host an estate sale or garage sale?

We will discuss on a case by case basis. We do offer a hybrid online estate sale service.
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Will you ship items to me if I am not local?

Most of the time yes, but also case by case.
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Do I need to be present while home gets cleared out?

Not at all! We will take lots of photos and videos and keep you consistently updated.
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If I can’t be there, how can I get sentimental things sent to me?

We will discuss ahead of time the items you are looking for and we’ll arrange for shipping.
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How will I know nothing of value will be given/thrown out?

We will go through our contract in detail with you prior to beginning. We’ll address these concerns on a case-by-case basis.
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What is the benefit of hiring Kind Organizer to prepare my house for sale?

There are many moving pieces and vendors involved in this process. From sorting out sentimental items, selling valuables, cleaning, staging, repairs, photographers, etc….we schedule and streamline the process. Inevitably, there will be adjustments and hiccups, we take all of it off your plate.


Here's what our customers have to say:
(Be sure to check out reviews on our individual service pages as well)
"Lucy and her team were professional and diligent in getting my home of 35+ years ready to be sold.  They helped me sort through decades' worth of items and discard what I no longer needed.  They made the relocating and home-selling process a smoother transition than I had anticipated. In addition, they set up my new space beautifully which also works for my needs; I’m proud to call it home."
— Mike S.
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